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Q &   A

  • Is our food made by hand in our kitchen     from vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, nuts and seeds? ...YES!

  • Is our kitchen exclusively free of honey?...YES!

  • Do any of our recipes  contain MSG?...N0!

  • Are our dressings  made fresh in our kitchen except for the Amy's Goddess dressing?...YES!

  • Do we source as many local and organic ingredients as possible?...YES!

  • Do we offer lots of gluten free & allergy friendly options?...YES!

  • Does any of our food     contain artificial coloring?...N0!

  • Is our BREAD always VEGAN?...YES!

  • Do we  handle meat, poultry, seafood and eggs in our kitchen.?  ...N0!

  • Are our “to go”containers made of compostable  materials? ...YES!

  • Do we have microwaves in our kitchen?...N0!

  • Is our food    cooked in purified water?...YES!

  • Do we use Braggs amino acids instead of soy sauce?...YES!

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